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November is Financial Literacy Month

financial literacy benefits everyone
November is Financial Literacy Month which means there is going to be a lot of information available. I will share some great resources that I find here in this space so that you can have it all in one place.

November is officially Financial Literacy Month!

This means that there is going to be a wealth of information available.

A great place for information is the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada who just released a Special Edition Newsletter for Financial Literacy Month.


Another useful tool is my own 60-Second Financial Check-up, where you can quickly diagnose your debts and see if you need help dealing with your creditors.

Whatever your situation, if your creditors are harassing you or if your bills are stressing you out, give Sean Stack, licensed trustee in bankruptcy, a call at 709-221-5500 to find out what your options are for getting your finances back on track.

Did You Know?


Many people who file for bankruptcy get to stay in their home.


In Newfoundland and Labrador, you can keep your RRSPs – even if you file for bankruptcy.


Many people who file for bankruptcy are able to keep their vehicle.


Most bankruptcies are NOT published in the newspaper.


Student loans can be included in a bankruptcy if they are more than seven (7) years old.


A consumer proposal is an alternative to bankruptcy that can only be filed with a licensed trustee in bankruptcy.


In NL, people ages 30 to 39 years old file for bankruptcy more than any other age group. [source]