Stressed by debt? You may not realize it but it is probably affecting your health.

Debt = Stress

This is something that isn’t talked about enough. Below is an interesting article from the WebMD archive about what they call “The Debt-Stress connection”

I don’t think our society discusses personal finances enough – there is a taboo of sorts but the elephant in the room is the stress being caused by the debt loads being carried by individuals and couples.

Stress is something I see all the time as people are trying to deal with the constant calls from creditors, sleepless nights and strained relationships – all because of their debts.

This has to be impacting people’s health and the best way to deal with it is to start talking about it. Talk to a friend, loved one or a professional such as myself – the important thing is to talk about it – this is the first step towards dealing with the source of the stress, debt.

Let’s start talking.

Click here for the WebMD article “The Debt-Stress Connection